Standing Committees – June 7, 2023

At the upcoming June General Meeting we will be electing members to serve on the following Standing Committees:


Pro D Day

Health and Welfare



Please read on for the description of each committee, taken from the 2022 Constitution:

Standing Committees:
The Chairperson of each standing committee shall be elected annually by the members at a membership meeting and be a member in good standing.

Following the election of Chairperson of each standing committee, the Chairperson and the Executive may, with the concurrence of the membership, jointly appoint other members to serve on a committee.

The President shall be a member, ex-officio, of each committee. The Union Wellness Program Committee
shall be considered a standing committee but shall be governed solely by the terms set out in Section 2 below.

There shall be seven standing committees as follows:

1. Grievance Committee
It is the function of this committee to:
i) Oversee the handling of all local grievances.
ii) Receive copies of all grievances.
iii) Prepare a report on the status of all grievances to be submitted to the Executive Board, the National Representative, and to the membership meeting;
iv) When a grievance is not settled in the initial steps provided for in the Collective Agreement, this committee will decide whether or not the grievance should proceed to arbitration.
v) If the decision is to not proceed, the griever(s) may appeal the decision to the Executive Board

2. Education Committee
It is the function of this committee to:
i) Arrange for representation of the Local at any appropriate and available educational seminar or conference and submit recommendations accordingly to the Executive Committee;
ii) Encourage delegates to present reports to the membership on seminars and conferences and maintain a reference file of participants;
iii) When necessary sponsor and promote educational activities for the membership.

Committee members shall be reimbursed for expenses properly incurred and previously approved by the Executive Committee and the membership.

3. Pro-D Committee

It is the function of this committee to:

i) Arrange for representation of the Local at any appropriate and available Pro-D workshops, speakers, seminars or conferences and submit recommendations accordingly to the Executive Committee;

ii) When necessary, sponsor and promote Pro-D activities for the membership

Committee members shall be reimbursed for expenses properly incurred and previously approved by the Executive Committee and the membership.

4. Health & Welfare Committee

It is the function of this committee to:

i) Extend the Local’s best wishes to members who are ill or incapacitated;

ii) Extend the Local’s congratulations to a member upon the birth or adoption of a child;

iii) Extend the Local’s condolences in the event of a death of a member or one of their immediate family and make any other appropriate gesture in accordance with custom or the wishes of the family concerned.

Committee members shall be reimbursed for expenses properly incurred and previously approved by the Executive Committee and the membership.

5. Social Committee

It is the function of this committee to:

i) Arrange and conduct all social and recreational activities of the Local either on the committee’s own initiative or as a result of decisions taken at membership meetings;

ii) Submit reports and proposals to the Executive Committee and to the membership as required;

iii) Submit financial reports for social functions to the Executive Committee no later than one month after the event.

Committee members shall be reimbursed for expenses properly incurred and previously approved by the Executive Committee and the membership.

6. Communications Committee
It is the function of this committee to:
i) prepare and distribute news releases to the membership via newsletters on a minimum basis of four (4) issues per school year to keep members informed of social events, educational seminars, information from CUPE BC, CUPE National and the Local
ii) Inform the membership of any news releases and information pertaining to the membership via CUPE 716’s social media accounts
iii) Ensure that each issue of the newsletter contains the following disclaimer; “Views of this newsletter are not necessarily the views of the Executive Committee”.
iv) Attend all membership meetings

Committee members shall be reimbursed for expenses properly incurred and previously approved by the Executive Committee and the membership.


Highlights of the December 2021 National Executive Board meeting

Our National Executive Board (NEB) met December 14-16, 2021 in Ottawa, with some members joining virtually. These are the highlights of their deliberations and decisions.

Read the NEB highlights online

National President’s Report and National Secretary-Treasurer’s Report to the December 2021 National Executive Board meeting

Read the National President’s Report online

Read the National Secretary-Treasurer’s Report online

Grievance Wins

While it is not always visible, your executive team is always hard at work fighting to uphold the Collective Agreement.

We are always here for all CUPE 716 members, please do not hesitate to contact your Shop Steward or executive member, if you need assistance.  

From a thankful member:

Hi Ian and Nancy,

“I want to thank you both for working so diligently on my behalf throughout this grievance. I am grateful for your professional efforts and for the outcome. Wishing you both a wonderful, restful summer.”

We love happy outcomes like this!



BC school support workers welcome education recovery plan

BURNABY – British Columbia school support workers are welcoming the $43.6 million in funding announced yesterday to support the safe reopening of BC schools for the 2021/2022 school year. CUPE’s K-12 Presidents Council, representing over 30,000 support workers in B.C.’s education system, says the announcement by Minister of Education Jennifer Whiteside represents a big step forward in ensuring a healthy and safe school environment for students and staff.


“We are extremely proud of the work our members have done throughout the pandemic to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our schools, to protect students, fellow staff and our communities,” says Paul Simpson, president of the K-12 Presidents Council. “It is gratifying to see the efforts of school support workers recognized as an essential part of our province’s recovery from COVID-19.


Of the $43.6 million announced, $14.4 million in one-time pandemic funding will be made available to school districts to support the necessary cleaning and disinfecting performed by custodians and caretakers, hand hygiene, improved ventilation and restocking supplies of personal protection equipment (PPE).


“CUPE locals have been doing a lot of work in their communities and schools systems advocating for these health and safety measures. We are pushing for the necessary funding for school districts to continue enhanced cleaning measures that proved so successful during the pandemic,” says Simpson. “We are looking forward to working with school districts so that they can fully utilize this directed funding, along with their other resources, to effectively and efficiently keep schools clean and safe.”


CUPE K-12 locals are prioritizing the continuance of daytime custodial services in all schools across the province and says this new funding would be well used to continue this vital health and safety measure.


“Unfortunately, past BC governments almost eliminated daytime custodial services in schools. So, when the pandemic hit, we had to scramble. Thankfully, our efforts to re-establish daytime custodial services contributed greatly to cleaner and safer environments for students, staff, and helped slow the spread of COVID-19,” says Simpson. “I’m optimistic we have all learned this lesson from the pandemic and we can work to continue daytime custodial services permanently to keep protecting our communities from COVID-19 and a host of other illnesses.”


The K-12 Presidents Council represents 57 CUPE locals in school districts across British Columbia. CUPE represents more than 30,000 education workers including: education assistants, school secretaries, custodians/caretakers, Indigenous support workers, IT workers, Strong Start facilitators, trades and maintenance workers, and bus drivers.



For more information:


Greg Taylor

CUPE National Communications Representative

(604) 842-7444

Fall 2021 Social Committee Events *UPDATED*

Your social committee has been hard at work planning events for the fall, in anticipation of things opening up and getting back to normal. So far in the works are:

Welcome Back Family BBQ – This event has been cancelled

September 11th – mid afternoon

Location TBD

Casino Night – This event has been cancelled

October 16th

Location – Riverside Banquet Hall

Christmas/Retirement Party and Dinner/Dance – This event has been cancelled

November 27th

Location – Riverside Banquet Hall

But they need your help planning! If you think you will attend – please fill out the form below so that we can plan accordingly. Looking forward to a more normal 2021-2022 School Year.

Results of the Election

The Election was held electronically May 8-10, and in person on May 10.

A total of 119 voters successfully registered to vote online. Of those, 112 cast a ballot.

An additional 5 persons voted in-person.

There was only one minor glitch, which was rectified with the assistance of the member impacted.

Position Elected
Shop Steward – Administrative Assistants Henry, Louise
Shop Steward – Education Assistants Ryan, Dianne
Shop Steward – Transportation Inouye, Terri

All elected candidates accepted their positions, which leaves the position of Sgt-at-Arms vacant and will be open to nominations at the upcoming membership meeting.

I wish to thank all those who ran and the committee members.

Susanne Chaffe

May Pro-D Day – SOGI for Cupe

Please join us in this SOGI session for CUPE members. During our session, we will be covering what SOGI inclusive learning environments look like, sound like and feel like. We will also be joined by student leaders from Burnett and Cambie, who will share their experiences of schooling with adults who hear and accept them as LGBTQ2S+ youths. Our session together will:

  • explore our own intersectionality and how that plays a role in the way we interact with students and colleagues
  • do a self assessment for what we are already doing and what we can do to contribute to inclusive learning environments
  • discuss why it’s important to practise gender neutral language with students and colleagues
  • ​answer some questions about how young SOGI can go
  • include some resources for further professional development in SOGI ​

Facilitators for this session are Loreen Thomson, CUPE; Ellen Hsu, RTA; and Destiny Lang, Student Leader – Burnett

May 21st 9-11am – Registration is open now on the portal!

Eileen Lim for Clerical Shop Steward

My name is Eileen Lim.  I have been nominated for Administrative Assistant Shop Steward in the upcoming election.  I am honoured and privileged to stand for this position again. 

I started my employment with Richmond School District 38 in 2011 and have worked in the board office as an administrative assistant, a year and a half in Continuing Education and eight and a half years as program assistant in the International Department.

I started getting involved with our union by attending general meetings in 2018.  In 2019, I was nominated and voted into the Para-Educator shop steward role for 5 months.  As the Administrative Assistant Shop Steward position became vacant, I was nominated and acclaimed to that position for the remaining term.  In May 2020, I was nominated again and re-acclaimed the same position.

There is still a lot for me to learn from the executive team and from my union sisters and brothers; but I am definitely not fazed by any new challenges related to the position.  I am highly motivated and approachable to help tackle obstacles head on in order to get the job done. I may not have a lot of experience, but I am always keen and open to learning new things.  With my unwavering commitment and determination, I can serve my union sisters and brothers and ensure that our concerns are always heard and addressed.  I am looking forward to the post pandemic days when I can meet all of you in person.  I am tired of virtual meetings.  I miss seeing faces with no masks.

It has been a challenging year for all of us administrative assistants as front liners.  Amidst all the uncertainties, frustrations and stresses, we continue to work even harder to support and care for our students to keep them safe in school. 

It would be a great honour if I am voted in as the Administrative Assistant Shop Steward so I can use this as my platform to represent and serve my fellow colleagues.  I am humbly seeking your support for re-election.  If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to email me at or call me at 604-272-1895.

Please take a few minutes to register and to vote for me during the upcoming election from May 8-10.  Every vote counts.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and for taking the time out of your busy schedule to vote.

In Solidarity,

Eileen Lim

Dianne Ryan for EA Shop Steward

Hello Cupe 716 Brothers and Sisters,
My name is Dianne Ryan and I have been nominated for EA Shop Steward in the upcoming
election. I am honoured and humbled to stand for this position again.
I have been an Education Assistant in Richmond since September 2000 and have worked around
the District, mostly in elementary but a few years in high school too. I have been involved with
our Union on and off for all those years. Sometimes I was more interested than others, like when
I was laid off, when we were on strike, or when I was working with a particularly violent student,
the union was much more interesting to me then. I was grateful for the work that people did on
my behalf and I could see that I had a good job with good benefits and some pension because of
the Union.
2 years ago, I volunteered, and was elected to be Sargeant at Arms for our union because they
seemed to be really hurting for people to help out and people told me that this job would be easy.
I was given a voice at the table. I soon became the IT Shop steward, as there was no one to do
that job. I started to learn about being a shop steward. I started taking some Union education
when it was available to me. I started to see and learn about Cupe 716 and how things worked.
My friend Loreen also got involved so we have journeyed together which has made it more fun.
In May last year I was nominated and elected your EA Shop Steward. It has been a challenging
year for many of us with prolonged uncertainty and continuous stress. I found out that your EA
Shop Steward is busy with inquiries about many things coming from many directions. There has
been much to learn and most of it lately has been on line. Winter school, attended on line, Cupe
National Convention, on line, investigations, on line, executive meetings, on line, everything on
line. I miss people. I can only handle so much zoom. I am tired but I have never been prouder to
be an Education Assistant. The work we do every day has been proven essential and I can’t
imagine what our work place would be without many of the EAs I work with every day.
It would be my great honour to continue to represent you as your EA Shop Steward and I am
seeking your support for re-election. Please take a few minutes to vote for me during the
upcoming election from May 8-10. The union is you and every vote counts. Thank you for your
time and consideration.
In Solidarity,

Dianne Ryan