Election 2020 Update

Sisters and Brothers:

I hope this finds you well and healthy. I know for myself, the weather outside has definitely helped improve my mood, and I am always encouraged by the arrival of the spring – life in all its forms – goes on.

I am informed by the Election Officer Sister Suzzan Poppell that the nomination period has closed and she has tabulated all the nominations and arranged the candidate lists. Unfortunately, we will not be able to release this information this evening (May 11, 2020) but look for it tomorrow (May 12) to be posted here and also sent to the email address you provided when you registered to vote.

My thanks to Sister Poppell, everyone who participated in any way, to the members who registered to vote and participate in democracy, to all the candidates, for all your excellent work on behalf of all the students and for your friendship too,

In solidarity,

Dan Todd
National Representative

President’s Report COVID

Sisters and Brothers, Friends, who would have anticipated that the sunshine and the longer days would also bring with them this global scare?

I have been a little under the weather personally, but I wish to thank Stacey Robinson, our First VP, Nancy Williams, Second VP and Chief Steward, Ingrid Trouw, Secretary-Treasurer, Lisa Devitt, Recording-Secretary, our entire Executive Board, and our National Representative, Dan Todd.

CUPE Regional office for British Columbia has been working full-steam since the crisis, and our CUPE BC President Paul Faoro has been doing a stellar job liaising with the Provincial Government. What this means for you, our member, is that we are working on ironing out all those kinks which you never even hear about, and our leadership is in negotiations with the various stakeholders to assure that you continue being paid and your families continue being able to put food on the table. This is not a small task. It is human nature to worry, but it is also human nature to underestimate and take for granted that which others do for us – let’s appreciate and thank those in leadership making sure everything goes as smooth as possible, and be thankful for the silverlinings.

We are in daily communications with our National Representative, CUPE BC, CUPE National, and they in turn are coordinating, negotiating and liaising with various government ministries and agencies. You can relax and wait to hear from us. We will update you as soon as we hear information or any news important to you.

As it stands now, it is my belief that you will continue receiving your regular pay. Take some time to spend with your family and your loved ones. Try not to worry. Try not to spend too much time on facebook or pursuing conspiracy theories. All will be well.

On behalf of all our Executive Team, on behalf of CUPE BC officers, on behalf of the National Regional Staff hard at work behind the scenes, and on my own behalf, I send you best wishes to stay healthy and well, keep your spirits high, and in keeping with our ancient traditions: Keep calm, and Carry on.

In solidarity,

Ian Hillman,
President, CUPE 716

Fact Sheet for Filing WorkSafeBC (“WCB”) claims for the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus (“COVID-19”)

The following bulletin is being provided by Brother Tom McKenna, National Representative Specialist in the area of OHS & WCB.


This Fact Sheet provides an overview of how to file a WCB claim for exposure to COVID-19. Please see the “BC Region Guide Filing WorkSafeBC Claims for the Coronavirus” (now called COVID-19) for additional detailed information at https://www.cupe.bc.ca/occupational_health_and_safety_committee


COVID-19 is a virus in the same family as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), although is has a much lower fatality rate than SARS. As per the BC Centre for Disease Control (February 11, 2020) the risk of infection from this virus remains low at this time in BC, subject to updates.


When filing a WCB claim for exposure to COVID-19 some important points to consider include:

  • WCB claims may be adjudicated under Section 5 of the Workers Compensation Act but it is more likely that they will be adjudicated under Section 6 Occupational Disease. There are many different WCB Policies that interpret the Workers Compensation Act and may apply to a claim. Policies 26.00 and 28.00 are most commonly applied by the WCB. Each claim will vary.
  • WCB claims may be for time loss (“wage loss”), healthcare benefits or both.
  • Workers should file the Form 6 – Application for Compensation and Report of Injury or Occupational Disease. The Employer should file the Form 7 – Employer’s Report of Injury or Occupational Disease. See https://www.worksafebc.com/en/resources/claims/forms/application-for-compensation-and-report-of-injury-or-occupational-disease-form-6?lang=en
  • The appeal tribunals and WCB have said that the nature of the employment usually must create a risk of contracting the disease to which the public at large is not normally exposed, as one example. Each claim will vary according to the facts.

  • Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Advise the Employer immediately, including incident reports as required.
  • Advise the WCB immediately e.g. by filing the WCB Form 6.
  • The WCB Form 6A is an Employer form that does not initiate a claim.
  • Ask the Employer to file the WCB Form 7 and obtain a copy of the Form 7.
  • Include all relevant information such as the occupation (which may have a higher than average exposure to the COVID-19), duration of exposure, places of exposure, presence of persons with symptoms and / or diagnosed COVID-10, evidence of work causation, etc.
  • Ensure the information in the Form 6 and Form 8 / 11 (Physician’s reporting forms to the WCB) is consistent.
  • Advise the health and safety committee as applicable to address health and safety issues.
  • Obtain clinical records / chart notes from the treating practitioners. Be careful of privacy issues.
  • Have all relevant information available for calls from the WCB e.g. Teleclaim, for consistency.
  • Obtain a copy of the WCB claim file. Ensure the contents are accurate and contain all relevant documents and evidence. Check wage loss, income, and payroll information very carefully.
  • Keep detailed logs of all calls, correspondence, meetings and treatment.

  • Lack of presence of persons with diagnosed COVID-19 in the workplace.
  • Limited exposure duration.
  • Prevalence of COVID-19 in the workplace as opposed to the general public.
  • Lack of a confirmed diagnosis.
  • Volunteering as opposed to work related duties.
  • Symptoms and / or diagnosis occurring during periods of time off such as vacation, non-work related travel, etc.
  • Contradictory information in the WCB Form 6, Form 7 and Form 8 / 11.
  • Report any related discipline, retaliation, or claims suppression to both the Local and the WCB.


See the BC Region Guide Filing WorkSafeBC Claims for the Coronavirus for additional detailed information at CUPE BC OHS Committee and WorkSafeBC at Worksafe BC

CUPE Local 716 2020 Scholarships – Now Accepting Applications!

CUPE Local 716 2020 Scholarship Applications now being accepted.  This year we have a total of four (4) – $500 scholarships available for the children of CUPE 716 members.

Application Deadline has been extended to September 30, 2020.

Please find the Scholarship Application Form and Instructions here:

CUPE Local 716 Scholarship Application 2020

Scholarship App Instructions 2020



Documents from Bargaining 2019

This document lists all the changes agreed to in negotiations.  It was ratified by the Membership on July 14, 2019 and by the Employer on August 23, 2019.

This document summarizes various benefit improvements under the Extended Health & Dental Plan.  More info on the plan can be found at pebt.ca


The Bargaining Committee has reached a new Memorandum of Agreement with the School District #38 Richmond. Due to the complications with BCTF bargaining we must hold this meeting with very little notice.

Please note location: McMATH SECONDARY SCHOOL, 4251 Garry Street, Richmond BC at 5:00 pm.  Registration & sign-in will begin at 4:30 pm. 

Everyone who falls under the Collective Agreement is permitted to attend and vote – not only members.

Due to the short notice, please connect with your colleagues and let them know.

Goodbye, and thanks for everything!

Sharon Griffin-West, our administrative manager, has retired.  Sharon was the wonderful and kind voice who picked up the phone when you called the office. She made sure everything was done on time, that members who became sick were sent get-well cards, she paid our bills and followed up on grievances, scheduled meetings, maintained our files, and kept the Local functioning. She has been an immense help to us, a caring and loving person, and she will be missed.

We wish Sharon all the very best, and may she find all the hope and joy in retirement that she has well-earned. Sharon was a giant in every good way and we will miss her.


Transporting Students with Behavioural, Special Needs

The District Health & Safety Committee does not support anyone driving students who are identified with ‘Challenging Behaviour’ (violence/harm to self or others) or have an Employee Safety Plan until a risk assessment is completed to determine if it is safe to drive. To read further on this and on WorkSafe’s Recommendations, please click HERE.