Election 2022

This year any and all information about our election is located on our Election 2022 webpage.

Election 2022 Website

Please bookmark the page and check back to stay informed on what is going on.

Please note the below dates, more information is on the election 2022 page.

Important Dates (details in the notice):

Now-May 6th, 2022 – Registration Period to vote electronically

April 27-May 2, 2022 – Nomination Period

April 28-May 18th, 2022 – Get to Know the Candidates (on our website)

May 18-20th, 2022 – Electronic Voting

May 19, 2022 – In Person Voting

K-12 Presidents Council Bulletin and Radio & Video Ads

Please find attached a bulletin that can be shared with members. 


The K-12 Provincial Bargaining Committee will be resuming bargaining September 13-15. Meanwhile, the BCGEU has released their strike votes results, and are returning to the bargaining table on June 27. As other unions continue to bargain through the summer,  we expect to schedule a Presidents Council meeting once there is something definitive to report. 

Video Ad
We are pleased to release our new video highlighting the work our members do in school districts across the province. Produced with support from the national union as part of our cost-share campaign, this 2-minute animated video is now available online.
You can find the video on our website bcschools.cupe.ca and on our Facebook page – as well as at this link https://www.facebook.com/CUPEK12BC/videos/723120038953092
Radio Ad
Throughout June we’ve been running radio ads throughout B.C., shining a light on the invaluable work our members do in communities across the province. The ad is airing in every community our Local’s serve, so listen out for it on your local station.
We also have it posted on our Facebook page – and can be found at this link https://fb.watch/dPjO1jGjdY/
Please share our video and radio ad with your members, and through your Local’s social media and other networks with your family, friends and neighbours. 

Best wishes for the summer.

In solidarity, 

Paul Simpson

President, K-12 Presidents Council


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Right to Refuse Updates Coming August 22, 2022

Sharing this via BC Federation of Labour Health and Safety Centre.

Workers have the right to refuse work that would “create an undue hazard to the health and safety of any person”. When a worker exercises this right it helps identify hazards and keep workplaces safer for all.

Starting August 2022, WorkSafeBC will be implementing amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety regulations that create an entire new section (3.12.1). This section makes important changes to the process, including what employers can and can’t do after a refusal takes place.

Starting August employers must ensure a subsequent worker is advised in writing of any unresolved work refusal made in relation to assigned work.

Reassignment of refused work

3.12.1 (1) If a worker refuses work under section 3.12, the employer must not require or permit another worker to do the refused work unless

(a) the matter has been resolved under section 3.12 (3), (4) or (5), or

(b) the employer has, in writing, advised the other worker and a person referred to in section 3.12 (4)(a), (b) or (c) of all of the following:

(i) the refusal;

(ii) the unsafe condition reported under section 3.12 (2);

(iii) the reasons why the task would not create an undue hazard to the health and safety of the other worker or any other person;

(iv) the right of the other worker under section 3.12 to refuse unsafe work.

Source: https://www.worksafebc.com/en/resources/law-policy/discussion-papers/bod-approves-amendments-ohsr-march22/part-3?lang=en

CUPE BC News Release – Budget 2022-23

Please see the following Press Release from CUPE BC in reference to the Budget Process:

RICHMOND– Protecting vital services students and families depend on in the Richmond School District must be the priority in tackling budget shortfalls, says the union representing Richmond public school workers. CUPE 716 says the district budget shouldn’t be balanced at the expense of workers and the students they serve. Click here to continue reading

Presidents Report – Budget and Bargaining

Hi everyone,

Hi wanted to give you an update on bargaining and the district budget shortfall.

First bargaining:

For those that don’t know there are two bargaining tables. Provincially and locally. We bargain locally with the employer on local issues. The Provincial bargaining team is made up of K-12 representatives from locals from different regions in the Province. They bargain directly with the government through their bargaining group made up of BCPSEA members. This bargaining table bargains wages and benefits and other monetary and non monetary issues. They  met in March but have not agreed to anything. They have taken a “break” from bargaining. The last offer was unacceptable. It was less than 2 percent per year for three years. Right now Cupe is joining other unions to push the government for a more acceptable offer.

Local Bargaining: 

Your contract expires this year at midnight on June 30th. Please submit your bargaining proposals on this form to the union office by May 30th. As of today we have not met with the employer to begin bargaining. We have been asked to wait until the Provincial Bargaining committee has completed their bargaining before we exchange proposals and start local bargaining.

As I hear any news I will update you.

Now the budget:

Once again there is a budget deficit. As usual the board is looking to balance the budget by cutting our jobs. Details are on the district website. They are proposing to cut Library Technicians. Career Information advisors and other positions including the Education Assistant- Literacy Support position. All Cupe jobs are important. The district cannot run without us. The students cannot realize their potential without us. I am outraged by these cuts. To add insult to injury they are adding a management position and replacing retiring exempt staff. They refuse to look at cutting management positions to save our jobs.Please support your fellow union members by writing to the trustees and tell them to stop cutting our jobs. Write letters to the editor of the newspapers. Attend the Board meeting on May 25th from 7-9 pm. Come in person or join via zoom. Contact Cindy Wang, Secretary Treasurer to get on the speakers list. We must stand together. Collectively we are stronger. We need your support!
In Solidarity

Ian Hillman

Cupe Local 716 President

Cupe 716 Family Carnival!

Hi everyone! The Executive would like to hold a BBQ and family carnival to celebrate the end of this school year.  We have been unable to get together the last couple years and we think it’s time to throw a party!

You are invited to attend and enjoy a BBQ lunch, some carnival games, check out a magician, get your fortune told or bounce yourself to a happy place in a bouncy castle. 

We look forward to seeing you June 11th, from 12-3 outside at McMath Secondary.

Door prizes are up for grabs, there will be some classic carnival games, popcorn, cotton candy and fun for all. 

If you would like a printable flyer to share with your coworkers, please click here.

Please RSVP Below to let us know how many are attending. We are so excited to see you all there!

Cupe Day of Mourning

April 28, 2022 marks the third Workers’ Day of Mourning since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 40 years ago, CUPE members created this day to remember workers who lost their lives on the job and to inspire others to advocate to prevent further tragedies.

For more information and resources please see the Cupe National Day of Mourning Page

UBC Research on Education Assistants and Trauma Survey

Education Assistants in British Columbia are being asked to participate in an optional research study (“Mental Health and Wellness in K-12 Staff Affected by Childhood Adversity”) conducted by the University of British Columbia.

The focus of the study is to determine whether there is a correlation between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) experienced by educators in the past and their current mental health and wellness.

The survey includes questions of a sensitive nature, asking about (but not limited to) topics such as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, bullying, and scarcity of food and clean clothing.

The accompanying pdf documents describe more about the study, its approval, and a link to the survey itself.

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