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Terri Inouye for Transportation Shop Steward

April 22,2021

Greetings Fellow 716 Members:

It’s hard to believe it is almost May and we have made it thus far, during a pandemic school year!
My name is Terri Inouye. I proudly accepted to stand as a nominee for the CUPE 716 Transportation
Shop Steward.
I have been an Educational Assistant for 28 years in the Richmond School District. I have worked in both
Elementary and High School with a variety of students who required transportation. I do have some
great memories of union meetings from years ago when I first started. As for my union experience, well,
I have been an active participant for the last year or so. I have held following union positions: Trustee,
plus, my current position; Sergeant of Arms. I have also undertaken the communication committee role
of our local too. I continue to post on social media and 716 website, any and all relevant information for
the membership. In addition to that, I serve on two district committees: Calendar and Diversity & Racism
I have been able to participate in Human Rights Conference as well the BC Federation Labour
Conference. I have taken the CUPE Challenging Racism course, and a Territorial Acknowledgement
seminar. I also volunteered to work on the SSEAC training survey questionnaire that was sent to
members earlier this year. I was also able to stand in for other executive members in a district Healthy
and Safety meeting as well as being part of meetings with our district partners regarding district
program concerns too.
My experience as the Sergeant of Arms has enabled me to understand the importance of everyone’s
roles, not only within the union but, in dealing with management and ultimately, the membership. I’m
excited to take on this new role of Transportation Shop Steward as it will enhance my union experience
and increase the knowledge that I have gained from my previous positions.
So as your Shop Steward, I can assure you that I bring a lot the table. I know that many members have
concerns over health and safety and that will be one of the areas that will be addressed. It is also
important to me that members are heard and there is open communication at all times. I am always
available by email or phone. I want members of this unit to also know that I will advocate on their
behalf when they need their union representative in a fair, equal and just way when dealing with
management. And above all else, you have someone with a good sense of humor, empathy and compassion
when you need to vent.
It would a great honor to serve as your union representative so that the transportation voices are heard
when matters arise. I look forward to meeting everyone and forging a new and relevant partnership.

In Solidarity,

Terri Inouye