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President’s Report COVID

Sisters and Brothers, Friends, who would have anticipated that the sunshine and the longer days would also bring with them this global scare?

I have been a little under the weather personally, but I wish to thank Stacey Robinson, our First VP, Nancy Williams, Second VP and Chief Steward, Ingrid Trouw, Secretary-Treasurer, Lisa Devitt, Recording-Secretary, our entire Executive Board, and our National Representative, Dan Todd.

CUPE Regional office for British Columbia has been working full-steam since the crisis, and our CUPE BC President Paul Faoro has been doing a stellar job liaising with the Provincial Government. What this means for you, our member, is that we are working on ironing out all those kinks which you never even hear about, and our leadership is in negotiations with the various stakeholders to assure that you continue being paid and your families continue being able to put food on the table. This is not a small task. It is human nature to worry, but it is also human nature to underestimate and take for granted that which others do for us – let’s appreciate and thank those in leadership making sure everything goes as smooth as possible, and be thankful for the silverlinings.

We are in daily communications with our National Representative, CUPE BC, CUPE National, and they in turn are coordinating, negotiating and liaising with various government ministries and agencies. You can relax and wait to hear from us. We will update you as soon as we hear information or any news important to you.

As it stands now, it is my belief that you will continue receiving your regular pay. Take some time to spend with your family and your loved ones. Try not to worry. Try not to spend too much time on facebook or pursuing conspiracy theories. All will be well.

On behalf of all our Executive Team, on behalf of CUPE BC officers, on behalf of the National Regional Staff hard at work behind the scenes, and on my own behalf, I send you best wishes to stay healthy and well, keep your spirits high, and in keeping with our ancient traditions: Keep calm, and Carry on.

In solidarity,

Ian Hillman,
President, CUPE 716