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President’s Report: Budgets April 2021

Dear Members,

As many of you may have heard our School District is facing a 7.2 million dollar shortfall. No decisions have been finalized on how this budget will be balanced as required by law. Your executive is working hard to prevent any cuts to us.

I encourage and frankly implore you to write to your MLA, and Member of Parliament and tell them to fund School Districts that are in a deficit situation due to the current pandemic.

Jennifer Whiteside: Minister of Education


Locate your MLA here

Locate your MP here

I also ask you to write our School Trustees:

Norm Goldstein

Ken Hamaguchi

Heather Larson

Richard Lee

Sandra Nixon

Donna Sargent

Debbie Tablotney

Implore them to look at cutting management positions and using more of the reserve funds to balance the budget instead of cutting vital support staff. I also ask you to attend the next school board meeting on Wednesday April 28th at 7pm and express your concern about how they will balance the budget and be straightforward expressing it should not be done on the backs of CUPE workers. Please register to attend here on Zoom.

Please don’t be alarmed by the shortfall at the present time. No decisions have been made but we need to be heard before decisions are made. There is strength in our resolve to stand together as one collective force and have each other’s backs moving forward. Please take a few minutes to call or email all of the above.

In Solidarity


Ian Hillman

CUPE 716 President