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Election 2020 Update

Sisters and Brothers:

I hope this finds you well and healthy. I know for myself, the weather outside has definitely helped improve my mood, and I am always encouraged by the arrival of the spring – life in all its forms – goes on.

I am informed by the Election Officer Sister Suzzan Poppell that the nomination period has closed and she has tabulated all the nominations and arranged the candidate lists. Unfortunately, we will not be able to release this information this evening (May 11, 2020) but look for it tomorrow (May 12) to be posted here and also sent to the email address you provided when you registered to vote.

My thanks to Sister Poppell, everyone who participated in any way, to the members who registered to vote and participate in democracy, to all the candidates, for all your excellent work on behalf of all the students and for your friendship too,

In solidarity,

Dan Todd
National Representative