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Education Assistant Substitutes

Are you an Education Assistant substitute  hired to work for the school board? Are you working everyday? Is the ADOS system working for you? Are you receiving phone calls? If not, we want to know.

With employee shortages around the district, specifically EAs, your union executive would like to address these issues with our employer promptly. We would like to see all our members including substitutes work. 

We have prepared a short survey, and would greatly appreciate you taking a few moments to fill it out.  If you are more comfortable filling out a paper survey, please email Erica and the office and she will send you one. 

You can find contact information for your 716 Union Executive here. The EA Shop Steward is Dianne Ryan, but Ian, Stacey, and Nancy are also available to collect this information. The union office is also open Monday to Friday from 9:30-1:30, please give Erica a call at 604-273-1651, or send an email to