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Are you interested in becoming a k̓ʷəməyɬəm volunteer?

As part of our district work towards the goals of our SD38 Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement, we would encourage all schools to have a volunteer k̓ʷəməyɬəm (meaning raise a child in hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓) on staff.

This focuses on Goal #1 of our Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement, which reads Richmond’s students with Aboriginal ancestry will work toward a strong sense of belonging through pride in their cultural heritage. Students will be honoured for their stories, celebrated for their individual strengths, and supported throughout their learning journey.

The role is intended to increase a sense of belonging at school for students through connections to the greater school community. This role is voluntary, and is meant to complement the work of the Aboriginal Success team. The role is not curricular, or cultural in nature, and is focused on the relationships that students have in and with the school. While the role will depend on context, and is evolving, k̓ʷəməyɬəm will be a friendly face in the halls, and a person who provides encouragement or a safe space if necessary. The role can be filled by a teacher, support staff, or administrator.

If you have questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact Leanne McColl, District Aboriginal Education Teacher Consultant.