Election Notice


Local 716 Election Committee consists of Ledi Deans, Les Kozlowski, Sandra Flockhart and Barbara Buchsbaum as approved by the membership at the Special Membership Meeting on March 9th, 2023 as per Article 8, Section 6 of the Bylaws. 

Section 1

When an election is held the Executive shall appoint an Election committee, subject to approval of the membership, of at least three (3) members.  Members of the Election committee shall not be eligible to run for any office nor will they currently hold any Executive Board or Trustee position.

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With a total of 388 votes cast online, the results are as follows:

  • President
    • Hillman, Ian – 28.6%
    • Robinson, Stacey – 71.4% – will stand for position
  • Maintenance Shop Steward
    • Rogers, Cody – 72.2% – will stand for position 
    • Wright, Ken – 27.8%
  • Sergeant at Arms
    • Lim, Eileen – 67.5% will stand for position 
    • Nelson, Ricky – 32.5% 

For the PDF copy of the Certified Results from Simply Voting please click here


The following Election Notice was distributed today to the Jobsite Liaisons to post on your CUPE Boards.  For a printable PDF copy please click here


Nominations closed on April 19th, 2023 at 8pm.  The following candidates were nominated, and have advised the Election committee if they have chosen to stand or not.  All candidates running have received their candidates package by email.

Based on this, there will be an election for the positions of:

All candidates are posted alphabetically by last name. All flyers are posted once they are received by the elections officer, and can by viewed by clicking the links beside the candidates name.

All other positions are acclaimed.

All nominees are posted alphabetically by last name.

Union Officials (2 Year Term)


  • Bakker, Tim declined
  • Hillman, Ian
  • Robinson, Stacey
  • Rogers, Cody declined


  • Henry, Louise acclaimed

Shop Steward (1 Year Term)

Administrative Assistant:

  • Rutsch, Liz acclaimed

Educational Assistant:

  • Loreen Wanlin acclaimed

Information Technology:

  • Jacob Hern acclaimed


  • Bakker, Tim declined
  • Heggie, Richard declined
  • MacDonald, Rod declined
  • Nelson, Ricky declined
  • Rogers, Cody
  • Wright, Ken


  • Bakker, Tim acclaimed

Para Educator: 

  • Martins, Colleen acclaimed
  • Riter, Megan declined
  • Wanlin, Loreen declined


  • Quinn, Jack acclaimed


Trustee (Three Year Term):

  • Booth, Marney acclaimed

Sergeant at Arms:

  • Lim, Eileen
  • Nelson, Ricky


You need to register to vote! Please register here. Your ballot will be sent directly from Simply Voting on May 10th, 2023 when voting officially opens, and will be valid until Voting closes on May 16th, 2023 at midnight.