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Why Register?
Members have asked us to provide member-only sections to access protected documents.  Members who wish to obtain access to protected documents should register using this form. Under our Bylaws, all members who attend Union meetings or seek elected office have to be initiated. This is a symbolic gesture, but also a legal one - by taking the oath, you promise not to share the documentation and information shared with you in such a way that it will harm the Union or other members. The documents are for your information only and should not be downloaded or shared with anyone.
Fill out the form, press submit (make sure you're okay with the oath and the consent) and our Office Administrator Sara will review your application by comparing the information she has access to in order to legitimize your identity and access.  Once this is done, you will be notified your registration has been approved.  Then you can login to access protected documents as we begin uploading them.
Since many members have not been properly initiated, by completing this form you agree to be bound by the oath which states: “I promise to support and obey the Constitution of this Union, to work to improve the economic and social conditions of other members and other workers, to defend and work to improve the democratic rights and liberties of workers and that I will not purposely or knowingly harm or assist in harming another member of the union.” Our existing practices and traditions come from over a century of activism, and periods of time when union members and leaders were suppressed, jailed and even murdered. Our tradition of "initiating" members is from a history of being required to keep secret our activities lest we be fired, persecuted or worse. If you are uncomfortable being bound by the oath of membership as an initiated member, you are not required to become an initiated member of the union. You will still retain your employment and the union will still represent you in the event of disciplinary issues, consult you for bargaining, etc. and nothing will change except that you will be ineligible to vote in local union elections or hold office until such time when you agree to be bound by the provisions of the bylaws and the constitution including the oath of membership.
Please read the "Consent" and check the box if you agree.  We require your permission under the terms of PIPA.  We will keep your information secure and encrypted and will never share it with a third party or use it except sparingly to notify you of matters that are in your interest.

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