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I have been with the Richmond School District for twenty years, almost half of which I have had the privilege to serve on your Executive. When I started as a Clerical Shop Steward I was very green; I had no experience serving on a Union Executive. I had a vague idea of what the Union did, but I really didn’t know how complex and important it was until I took my first course. From that day I was hooked. I have always been an advocate for human rights, in all shapes and forms, and becoming a member of the Executive has given me the perfect platform to play a more active role. After two years as Clerical Shop Steward I was elected to the role of Treasurer. One of my greatest achievements as Treasurer, and for which I am very proud, was to overhaul the finances, which had suffered over time. When I came on board, the finances were also recovering from membership over-payment that occurred during the strike, and the subsequent repayment. Over the course of the following 2 years, with much hard work and advising prudent spending, I brought the bank balance from a near deficit to a healthy $300K. As Vice President, I am here to represent the whole membership and over this last year I have built a positive and cohesive working relationship with the Senior District staff. I will continue to do so. With the Coronavirus causing a global pandemic, these last few months have been challenging for everyone. As your Vice President I have advocated for the health and safety of all of our membership as they return to work. I believe that we are all a team of hardworking and dedicated people, who are passionate about our jobs. There will be more challenges ahead, but we will face them together as a strong, dedicated membership, and as always, I will be there along side you, representing, advocating and protecting your rights. I’d like to take this time to thank those individuals for nominating me for 1st Vice President. I fervently hope to continue to demonstrate my passion for representing the commitment of the Union to its membership.
Union Courses
BARG - Picket Captain Training
BARG - Preparing for a Successful Strike
BC CLC Facing Management Effectively
Conflict Resolution
Harassment and Bullying at Work
Health and Safety - An Introduction
HS - Basics of Incident Investigations
Human Rights - An Introduction
Introduction to Stewarding
LET - Financial Officers
LET - Introduction to CUPE
LET - Parliamentary Procedure
Sexual Violence and Harassment at Work
SLS - Handling discipline and discharge
SLS - Literacy awareness
SLS - Mediating member-to-member conflict
SLS - Notetaking
SLS - Stewards and health and safety
SLS - Understanding mental health
CLC Courses
Women’s Health & Safety in the Workplace; Bullying & Harassment;Introduction to Human Rights;Women in Leadership Labour Arbitration – Level 1; Labour Law Review 2018 & 2019
Previous Roles
Clerical Shop Steward – 2 years Treasurer – 6 years Vice President – 1.5 years (current).
Health & Safety Committee
Job Evaluation Committee
Social Committee/Good & Welfare