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Thank you Mr. Nelson!

We are proud to feature our member, custodian from William Cook Elementary School in Richmond, Mr. Nelson!

The students wanted to say a special thanks to Mr. Nelson for doing his best to keep them safe from the virus by cleaning the school.  CUPE members proudly deliver custodial services for School District No. 38 Richmond, and around the province.

Education Assistant Erica Macklin told us about wanting to acknowledge Mr. Nelson with a special thanks.  “Our class at Cook Elementary would like to acknowledge and thank Mr. Nelson for cleaning our school and classrooms and for helping to keep us safe.  Mr. Nelson is always super fast to refill our paper towel dispensers and soap and is always there to help as soon as we need him for anything.”

She added that Mr. Nelson “is always smiling, and we can tell that even though he is wearing a mask.  Thank you Mr. Nelson for everything that you do for us!  From Sakura Class and everyone at William Cook Elementary School.”

The students wrote thank-you notes which were posted on bulletin boards.