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Presidents Report – Year End Message


Two words as we close out another school year.    THANK YOU!

Thank you for showing up each and every day.

Thank you to our EAs for always being there for the students, despite the numerous challenges you face day in and out.

Thank you to our dedicated Custodians for keeping our schools clean and safe.

Thank you to our Pest Control Technician for staying on top of pest issues as they pop up.

Thank you to our hardworking Administrative Assistants, who manage to keep our offices running smoothly and somehow know where every document can be found – despite the numerous interruptions.

Thank you to our Payroll staff for being on top of all the CA changes and still managing to get the payroll out on time.

Thank you to our Asset Coordinator, Buyers, Shipper Receivers and Purchasing staff for all your support keeping the district stocked.

Thank you to the District Courier, for handling all of the districts inter office mail.

Thank you to our Library Techs for helping our students with their research and showing the joys of reading.

Thank you to our Lab Techs for keeping the science labs running efficiently.

Thank you to our Carpenters, Joiners, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Locksmith, Roofer, Power Mechanic, HVAC, and Building Technologist for all your hard work keeping our buildings maintained, updated, reno’d, safe and generally from falling apart.

Thank you to our very own IT Crowd for enabling all of us to be connected and explaining what the heck the “Cloud” really is.

Thank you to our Noon Hour Supervisors for keeping the students safe and sound while they play.

Thank you to our Kitchen Aides/Staff for showing what great lunches are all about.

Thank you to our Rental Custodians for being there to open our schools so that students have the opportunity to participate in out of school activities.

Thank you to our ECE Workers for nurturing our future students.

Thank you to our SWIS workers for welcoming and helping our new immigrant families to settle in.

Thank you to our Grounds crew and Horticulturists for the wonderful vegetable gardens, maintenance of our playgrounds and all your help in picking up and moving all the District stuff.

Thank you to our Bus Drivers/Bus Aides/Dispatchers who organize and transport our students safely, whether it’s to their school or taking them on some amazing field trips!

Thank you to our Youth Support Workers/ICY Workers/AMHS Workers/Indigenous Support Worker for your continual advocacy for our most vulnerable students.

Thank you to our Career Information Advisors for navigating our students on the right track to success.

It is my hope that I captured all of the District Support Staff in this message. If I did miss you my sincerest apologies, it was not intentional.

Each and every one of you is an important and valued employee and through your dedication and teamwork this District is able to run efficiently.   This is what CUPE Support Workers are known for – Solidarity!

On behalf of your Union Executive, we hope you are able to take some time this summer to spend time with family, sleep in, read that book, camp in the outdoors, ride that bike to the beach and hopefully recharge.   

Thank you!

In Solidarity,

Stacey Robinson

CUPE 716 President