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Presidents Report – September 2021

Greetings Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Welcome back to our 10 month members. Thanks to all our twelve month members for getting schools ready for school opening. Hopefully everyone had a chance to enjoy the weather and got through the heat wave safely. Speaking of heat; we have had discussions with the employer on having a plan to deal with future heat waves. 


I’m sure we were all hopeful after restrictions were lifted July 1st things were going to get better. Well, we are in the fourth wave and all the stress and anxiety is upon us again unfortunately. We have met with the employer to discuss school startup. We have, as a union, very little control over processes mandated by Worksafe andthe Public Health Officer. We are always here to advocate to our fullest capability for your safety and well being. I am sure things will evolve and change daily. Wear your mask, wash your hands, and stay safe.

We would like to see stricter controls such as masks for all ages of students. Physical distancing, cohorts and any othermeasures to keep us safe. But as I said that is beyond our control. Remember to report any unsafe working conditions to your Supervisor and site safety committee.

I hope to see everyone in person soon but for now we will continue ourUnion meetings on Zoom.

In Solidarity,

Ian Hillman

CUPE 716 President