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President’s Report – 2021-2022 Year End

Hi everyone. 

We made it through another tumultuous year. Everyone should be very proud of themselves for continuing to make the schools a safe, caring, welcoming place. It couldn’t happen without all of us working together and caring for each other through unprecedented challenging times. The stress of coming to work in the schools is unimaginable but we did it. You rose to the occasion and should be very proud of your determination and drive. Even when things were scary you still came to work to do your job.

We have all been through challenging times in our life. At work and personally. These challenges have made you stronger. You’re still here. Maintain your faith and trust things will get better with time. We know they will. I hope everyone has some time to rest and relax. Whatever makes you smile, go for it. Look after yourselves. 

I am now going to give you an update on bargaining.

The Provincial K-12 bargaining committee has notified me they are pausing bargaining till September. We have been instructed to not start local bargaining until the Provincial committee has reached an agreement with the government on wages, and other monetary issues. We will wait to see what happens Provincially till we start local bargaining. Right now the two sides are far apart on a wage increase. Their offer is far below what we are willing to accept. Cupe is working with other unions to have a united front in the fight to receive fair compensation for the valuable work we do. Without us the schools would not operate. BCGEU took a strike vote and received a strong mandate with a 95% yes vote in favor of job action. This does not mean they are going on strike. This is a tactic to give them more leverage at the bargaining table. 

Once again, try to get some rest and relaxation and recharge. Hope everyone has a great summer and see you in September or maybe sooner!

In Solidarity

Ian Hillman

Cupe 716 President