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CUPE 716 Election Nomination Results

Dear Members,

Here are the results of the CUPE 716 Election Nominations:

NOTE: *Not enough meetings:


Unfortunately, the candidates did not meet the requirements of the Bylaws, which state:


Only those members with one continuous year of membership, in good standing with this Union and in attendance of not less than 50% of the general membership meetings during the past twelve months shall be entitled to be nominated for an Executive position. (Article B.2.3/B.7.1)


It is not my desire to exclude anyone from participating, but the bylaws are fairly clear.  We received a motion through the email to waive the requirements of the meeting attendance provisions.  This motion, however, would be out of order, since the requirements in the bylaws exist to create an equal playing field for all candidates, and it would not be fair that they be altered right before the election.  This requirement has been waived in the past only in circumstances where there was a vacant position with only one candidate who did not meet the meeting attendance requirement.  Given that in this circumstance, the positions have another candidate who does meet the meeting requirements, it would be improper to apply a rule to one candidate, but relax the rule on another.


In assessing the meeting requirement, I attempted to give the benefit to the candidates, but the requirement was still not met:  the bylaw requires 50% of the meetings in the past 12 months, which would be 50% of 8 meetings total; even when we subtract 2 meetings not held due to COVID-19, this leaves 8 meetings total.


If we credit the candidates “virtually” for a meeting that would have occurred in May, and count that meeting as part of the calculation, this would bring the total number of meetings up to 9.

  This leaves the following positions where an election is still required:

  • Shop Steward Education Assistants
    •  Candidates: Colleen Martins and Dianne Ryan
  • Shop Steward Information Technology
    •  Candidates: Colleen Martins and Dianne Ryan
  • Sgt -at- Arms: Depending on the outcome of the other elections, this position may be filled or become vacant and will then be on the agenda for the next meeting.
  • Shop Steward Transportation
    • Vacant
According to past practices when there is a General Election if a position has nominee(s) and they decline when called upon, then the position is closed til the next meeting. It is not put the floor again.
The position is then picked up by the Chief Shop Steward (2nd Vice position now) until it is filled.
So I will be going with this past practice for the Transportation Shop Steward at this time.  It will be on the agenda for the next meeting.
It is not my place to urge candidates to work out their differences given that there appears to be sufficient number of positions for those who have met the eligibility, but in the interest of saving the local unnecessary expense,
this may be a prudent decision.
Suzzan Poppell
Election Officer