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Community Donations

As mentioned in our December Newsletter, we recently made a Donation to the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund to support their valuable work of making sure that the children in our province do not have to go to school hungry. If you are interested in reading the heartwarming stories of community, support, and coming together they can be found here.

Please see below a letter from one of our RTA colleagues, thanking us for our donation. Great to see that money cycle back to Richmond to help our students where it is needed most.

Dear CUPE colleagues,

I recently applied for and received a large grant from the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund to sponsor the Palmer Breakfast Club. In discussing (and celebrating) the grant with Louise Henry, she mentioned that you donated funds to that charity recently. Although you didn’t directly provide money to our breakfast club, I wanted to extend my thank you in choosing VSCF as a recipient of your charitable donations. We don’t often get to see how our donations get put into use so I thought you might appreciate hearing how this charity is having a direct and positive impact on our Richmond schools.

In solidarity,

Samantha Epp

Thank you!

Samantha Epp (she/her/hers)

Learning Support Teacher

Palmer Secondary