Ingrid Trouw
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Business Assistant at Burnett Secondary School. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, past daycare provider and presently committee rep. for our Aboriginal Education. Passionate about ensuring equality for all, firmly support Indigenous Reconciliation, Black Lives Matter and inclusion for all in schools. Knowledge is key to ensuring all our children, brothers and sisters feel safe and respected in their schools and workplaces.  
Other Education/Experience or Relevant Information
Aboriginal Education; Equity Scan committee
Union Courses
BARG - At the Bargaining Table
BARG - Bargaining solidarity
BARG - How Bargaining Works
BARG - Notetaking for bargaining
Introduction to Stewarding
SLS - Creating accommodation-friendly workplaces
SLS - Duty of fair representation
SLS - Grievance handling
SLS - Handling discipline and discharge
SLS - Notetaking
SLS - Understanding mental health
CLC Courses
Facing Management Path to Reconciliation Member Engagement
Previous Roles
Recording Secretary Para-Educator Shop Steward Negotiation Committee Rep. Communications Committee Rep.
Metro Council
Executive Board is composed of the Officers of the Union (President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary)...
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