Committees do the ongoing planning and project work in the Local Union.  Some are statutory (required under the law) such as the OHS Committee, some are struck by contract in the CA, and others are struck under the Union’s bylaws (social, for eg) and for specific short-term reason (ad hoc).


Standing Committees:

Pro D Day

Tim Bakker, Loreen Wanlin, Nancy Williams


Stacey Robinson, Louise Henry


Tim Bakker, Eileen Lim, Rob Urquhart

Health & Welfare

Ingrid Trouw, Lisa Devitt

Political engagement

Ian Hillman


Loreen Wanlin, Gurpreet Fardikot


Ian Hillman, Stacey Robinson, Nancy Williams, National Representative



Ian Hillman, Stacey Robinson, Nancy Williams, Tim Bakker, Louise Henry, Cody Rogers, Ingrid Trouw.

Alt: S Poppell


Ad Hoc Committees:


Job Evaluation

Cody Rogers, Dietrich Bassewitz, Stacey Robinson, Nancy Williams


Health & Safety

Tim Bakker, Stacey Robinson, Nancy Williams

Tech Advisory

Lisa Devitt


**The president is an automatic member of all the committees.