Now is the time to Vote!

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A whopping 380,000 British Columbians have already cast their ballot – were you one of them?

If not, don’t wait any longer! TODAY is the last day to vote in advance. Here’s what you need to do.

Voting early means you can take your time and go when it’s most convenient for you. You can also reduce the volume of people voting on election day.

This has been challenging year, that’s undeniable. But let’s not forget the positive strides our province has been taking.

We know John Horgan and the BC NDP are on the right track. They are making the right decisions to fight this pandemic. Now we need them to build an economic recovery that works for everyone – not just the wealthy and well connected.

Don’t put it off any longer, your voice matters. Vote today!

Let’s keep BC moving forward together,

Orion Irvine
Pacific Director, Canadian Labour Congress


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CUPE 716 Constitution

The Constitution and Bylaws Ad Hoc Committee has completed the required reviews and the amendments received 2/3 membership endorsement in October, November and December of 2019 meetings.

It was reviewed and approved by the National President’s Office in February of 2020 and the recommended amendments will be made when the next major revision is undertaken.

CUPE 716 Constitution & Bylaws to the National Constitution – FINAL 2020

DID YOU KNOW – Quarantine

What happens when I am asked to quarantine and not sick?   Here is the answer we have received from the District…as of September 9th, 2020

At this time, it is not covered under Work Safe. That could change, but for now:

  1. If someone is in quarantine or self-isolation and are acting in accordance with an order of the provincial health officer, an order made under the Quarantine Act (Canada), guidelines from the BC Centre for Disease Control or guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Canada (due to exposure at work, home or in the community).

A) they may access their paid sick leave for the 14 day quarantine period

B) if they have no sick leave, it would be coded as a COVID-19 unpaid leave and they will be eligible to apply for government benefits.

  1. This would not apply to someone who travels and returns from overseas. Their quarantine would be a COVID-19 unpaid leave (they could still apply for government benefits).

We are always here for you and are working hard to make this transition as smooth and safe as possible.  Don’t hesitate to be in contact with your rep or steward. 


Did you know… Few reminders from Stacey Robinson and Nancy Williams


If you are seeking an accommodation, as per our Collective Agreement, please note the steps below:

• Member needs to contact , preferably by email, Lori Campion, Senior Manager, Human Resources at
• Lori will send you a letter, “Request for Accommodation”, read and if it applies to you, return with the necessary documentation to Lori Campion.
• Member will need to see their doctor and get a letter with their recommendations.
• Member returns necessary forms to Lori Campion. At this time it will be determined whether you meet the criteria for an accommodation.
• If the Accommodation request is declined the employee has the option to apply for a unpaid leave.
Please note: Accommodations are for high risk groups and are based on the employee’s medical issues – not those of family members, etc.

Unpaid Leave(s):

If a member decides to go on unpaid leave they need to be aware that they will be able to keep their position at their location for up to six (6) months. If the unpaid leave continues after six (6) months, the member will lose their position at their location and go on regular unassigned. Employee benefits will continue for one month once leave has started. Employees have the option of paying into the medical plan to continue their benefits by contacting Hardel Grewall in Payroll.


When EA Subs are called out by ADS (Automatic Dispatch System), this system will try to send out the same sub to the same location – this will hopefully keep movement between locations to a minimum.

All other subs (ie: clerical, operations, etc.) the same protocol will be applied.

With reference to Safety Protocol training for subs – this will be provided to the Sub by the Administration at each individual location.

Calling In Sick & Atrieve:

If you are reporting a sick day, either by entering into Atrieve (before 4:00am) or calling the callboard (604-668-6221 after 4am) you will need to supply a reason (ie: doctor/dentist’s appointments or being sick) This will be especially important as it could effect your sick leave and/or sick leave pay. You will need to specify if you are displaying any COVID symptoms and will be required to call 811 and take the next steps. If you are tested for COVID and it comes back negative, you will still be required to stay at home until your original symptoms have cleared up. You will utilize your sick pay, whether you have tested positive for COVID or not, as you are displaying illness.

Sick pay cannot be utilized as a preventative measure.